Getting it to do captivating images is not the hard part, getting it to do exactly what you want it to do is the hard part,  so I end up with a mixture of Midjourney Ai , Photoshop Ai and just plain old photoshop . However it is  fun.

Theatre of War. 

Astronuts . Suburban Astronauts 

S.O.S. Humanity moving into natural space 

CHAOS. Rules of the universe suspended 

70's Lost 

Medieval Royalty  - Modern World 
Mad Cows 
Infrared Cows 

Poster for Pixar movie on Charles Darwin traveling through time 

Magical Myster Tour 

Japan Plastic Pop 

Citizens of Aquaville


North Korean Military R & R 

J.M.W. Turner 

1970's Super 8mm film double exposed 


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