I guess like a lot of people this year I've been experimenting with Ai thru Midjourney. It's been an interesting journey. Getting it to do captivating images is not the hard part, getting it to do exactly what you want it to do is the hard part,  so I end up with a mixture of Midjourney Ai , Photoshop Ai and just plain old photoshop . However it is  fun. 

Theatre of War. 

Astronuts . Suburban Astronauts 

S.O.S. Humanity moving into natural space 

CHAOS. Rules of the universe suspended 

70's Lost 

Medieval Royalty  - Modern World 
Mad Cows 
Infrared Cows 

Poster for Pixar movie on Charles Darwin traveling through time 

Magical Myster Tour 

Japan Plastic Pop 

Citizens of Aquaville


North Korean Military R & R 

J.M.W. Turner 

1970's Super 8mm film double exposed 


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