David Mackie  : San Francisco based Creative Director/ Director/Designer/Editor.
I'm not from around these parts. Landed many years ago now from London. Guess I like the weather. I had a Film /TV design company in the UK, called One Point Five, where we specialized in design and visual effects for commercials and live events . I always think that design background gave me a strong eye when it comes to all kind of visuals and storytelling.
I work in lots of different ways. Some folks hand me a blank bit of paper and want me to take the project from the start all the way through to the quicktime export of the final . Others want me to jump in and direct their concept and bring it to life. Sometimes its to help develop the creative for their own production team to run with. Whatever the scoop I am always in for the ride. I love the idea that I get paid to make stuff up. That still amazes me. 
Greatest Hits :  Intel, Samsung, Haier, Plum Organics, Lenovo, Skoll Foundation, Stanford Hospital, CableLabs, Equinix, Join Me, Corning, Infoblox, Applied Materials, Honda, Acura, NIssan, Komastsu, NetApp, Demandforce, eBay, Medtronic, Mulesoft, HP, Adobe, Google, Facebook, Tripit. ServiceNow, T-Mobile, Dell-EMC, Ernst & Young, Veeva, Twilio , Okta.
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